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Nestled in the Ocala National Forest among magnificent Magnolias, stately Oaks and rare varieties of Pines; along pristine springs and lakes; are the Salt Springs and Silver Glen areas.

Salt Springs, Florida, is a small community situated in North Central Florida, off the beaten path of busy city life; yet being an hour (more or less) to Ocala, Gainesville, Daytona Beach and Orlando.  Salt Springs is located about 24 miles south of Palatka, Florida, on Highway 19.  Silver Glen is another 10 miles down the road.  This area provides camping, boating, swimming, snorkeling and a variety of other outdoor activities.  

Salt Springs is one of several freshwater springs in the Ocala National Forest.   Freshwater springs are some of the great natural wonders of Florida.  The water is clear and bubbles up at 72 degrees in most springs.  Due to hydrostatic pressure in the Floridian aquifer, vast quantities of fresh water gush to the surface, forming springs.  Salt Springs is one of these springs, with an average of 53 million gallons of water per day pouring forth.  The salty taste of the spring water comes from the variety of minerals in the water.  The abundance of minerals in these springs cannot be found anywhere else in America. 

The Native Americans treasured the springs at Salt Springs, calling it a medicine lodge.  They would travel for miles, some from as far as the Carolinas, to bathe in these waters.  For years a canopy of stately Oaks hid these springs from the stranger.  However, in the late 1950ís, Highway 19 opened this area up to the world.

Salt Springs sits near the banks of Lake Kerr and Little Lake Kerr.  Lake Kerr is an outstanding crystal clear, sand bottom lake.  You can see the bottom of Lake Kerr in 8 feet of water.  Lake Kerr is one of the few clean, large lakes left in the state of Florida, and will remain so due to the fact that there are over 2 miles of shoreline on Lake Kerr that cannot be developed.

Nearby, Salt Springs Run flows 5 miles before it discharges into Lake George, with easy access to the St. Johns River, Ocklawaha River, and other bodies of water.  These rivers are world renowned for their championship bass fishing. This area has some of the best guided bass fishing in the state.


The spring at Silver Glen is a beautiful but rustic spring.  Because of its white sand bottom, it appears as blue as the sky.  Much of this spring is about four feet deep.  The area surrounding this spring is equally rustic and a haven for wildlife. 

Wildlife is abundant in the Salt Springs and Silver Glen area, making it a haven for hunting enthusiasts.  It is the home of Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, otters, turtles and alligators.  Birdwatchers can observe Herons, Egrets, Osprey, Red-tailed Hawks and Bald Eagles, to mention a few.  Fishermen can catch Largemouth Bass, Blue Gill, Shell Crackers, Blue Crab and more. 

Areas like Salt Springs and Silver Glen are becoming extinct.  If you are looking for that special sunset across the lake, or a glimpse of nature in your backyard, consider the Salt Springs area.


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